PA Roof Cleaning Company Pressure Pros, Inc Knows A Secret to save Delco residents Homeowners can save thousands of dollars with a proper cleaning of their roof’s shingles. Read more below about the bacteria that is feeding off one of your largest investments. $$$$ PA Roof Cleaning Before BECAUSE WE ARE NOT PRESSURE WASHING YOUR ROOF IT IS SAFE FROM DAMAGE.  Roof Cleaning After What is that stuff on my roof? Without getting overly technical, its a cyanobacteria called gloeocapsa magma. Don’t even try to pronounce that one... ten years in this business and I still cannot get it right. What I can tell you with confidence is that it can be costing you money by shortening the life of your roof and increasing your utility bills. If losing money to a dirty roof doesn't dampen your spirits, go outside and take a look at your property from the street. Have the black streaks Roof Moss or lichen colonies robbed your home of its curb appeal? Your home is your largest investment. A new roof in Broomall, Newtown Square, or on any home can cost in excess of $15,000. For a small fraction of that, many homeowners are opting to have this pesky growth safely removed.     How can a roof be safely cleaned? The process to clean your roof is one that PressurePros, Inc has carefully researched and prepared to eliminate your issues yet not cause damage to your landscaping or the roof itself. We do not use a high pressure stream for roof washing. Instead, we rely on a proprietary blend of cleaners and mold killing agents that do the job safely. By utilizing this tried and proven technique that is approved by the Asphalt Roof manufacturing Association, we are able to make roof cleaning safe and affordable. Many folks in PA have had their roofs cleaned for less than $500. We’ve even done a few that were half that! So you can see it is an affordable service. Your price is going to be determined by the roofs size, its condition and the surrounding landscaping. Give us a call today and we’ll get you a FREE Quote.   610-446-0555 PA Pressure Washing Service  |  HOUSE WASHING  |  DECK RESTORATION  |  CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS  PICTURE PORTFOLIO      PA roof cleaning services: affordable and safe Areas we service in Delaware County PA: Aston (19014) Brookhaven (19015) Broomall (19008) Bryn Mawr (19010) Clifton Heights (19018) Drexel Hill (19026) Edgemont (19028) Essington (19029) Folsom (19033) Garnet Valley (19060) Glen Mills (19342) Glenolden (19036) Gradyville (19039) Havertown (19083) Holmes (19043) Lansdowne (19050) Media (19063) (19065) (19091) Morton (19070) Newtown Square (19073) Norwood (19074) Prospect Park (19076) Ridley Park (19078) Sharon Hill (19079) Springfield (19064) Swarthmore (19081) Thornton (19373) Upper Darby (19082) Villanova (19085) Wallingford (19086) Wayne (19080) Woodlyn (19094)