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House Washing

These are nature's assault on your home.  These man made and organic materials will wreak havoc on your home's exterior. Mold and element damage will cause siding to begin breaking down through a process called oxidation. Not only do the sides of your house look bad, your investment is slowly getting degraded

Mold Spores: Do More Than Just Look Bad?
Are We At Risk?
Yes. As was mentioned above, these spores can break down the colorant in vinyl and aluminum siding, dryvit and stucco. Mold spores can also enter your home through something as innocent as an open window. These mold spores will attach to other air born particles like moist pollen and begin colonizing. There are some people, especially the elderly and young children for whom mold spores cause asthmatic reaction. In severe cases, memory loss and recurring headaches can plague sensitive individuals. The time to rid your home of these contaminants with low pressure washing is now.

What else is harming my exterior?

Pollution is another problem. Emissions from factories, planes, cars and trucks will fly for miles and stick to your home. Your windows will be cloudy and your siding becomes dull and discolored.  

Another factor that can contribute to making your house look rundown is rust or mineral deposits. Rust, just like mold, tends to spread. You have to get rid of it or your problems may increase. PressurePros, Inc utilizes specialty cleaners that remove these deposits from stucco, dryvit or siding. Your average caustic cleaner from the hardware store will not touch these stains nor will power washing alone.

House Washing

STEP 2: Choose Your House Wash Plan

SILVER PLAN:  Your home will be bathed in landscape friendly cleaners and mildewcides. A VERY low pressure washing rinse will be performed. You will have a clean home free of mold and dirt. This is an effective plan for cleaning vinyl siding, cleaning stucco, and cleaning dryvit. Aluminum siding may require a more specific two-step process.

GOLD PLAN: This is our most popular service. It takes cleaning and curb appeal to the next level and adds protection. Gutters are manually brushed to restore luster and remove streaks. You will be amazed at what this extra step does for overall appeal.. think of how good your interior looks when trim is freshly painted.
Specialty cleaners are used to remove rust and powdery residue from brick where necessary. We then treat your home with a wax/polymer that restores some color and life to old siding and protects your exterior with a barrier against regrowth. Mold often doesn't come back for two years.

PLATINUM PLAN: This plan is for the truly discerning customer. This is the one that will make your neighbors jealous. Everything on your property is cleaned and restored. Add-on services include cleaning out the interior of your gutters, making your roof look brand new (no pressure used on roofs), pool cleaning, patio and sidewalk cleaning, masonry sealing and staining, and more. Your house will sparkle. From your windows to your sidewalks to your patio furniture nothing is left untouched.

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PressurePros, Inc has the experience and know-how   to do the job properly. We are an experienced and insured company that specializes in exterior low pressure house washing.

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PressurePros, Inc uses only state-of-the-art washing technique with the utmost attention to detail. Certified and insured, we can give you the peace of mind that comes from hiring a professional. We do not take deposits to book jobs. We show up on time and most jobs are completed in a single day. Let us take exterior cleaning off your hands.

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